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MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer Pro


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This is a vegetarian product.

This product help to gain  Muscle Mass .

Generally Consumed With  Water or Milk .

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MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer Pro

MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer Pro

MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer Pro To get faster results, you need to sweat it out like crazy. You need special supplements and performance boosters to perform those heavy-duty workouts for rapid gains. MB Mass Gainer Pro is your top seed to fuel your high-intensity workouts. It contains carbs to protein ratio of 3:1 and has creapure, the purest form of creatine.

The product is blended with an optimum amount of creapure, creatine, L-Glutamine, and Betaine for best results.

Creapure is the best form of creatine that is at one’s disposal and is extremely crucial for boosting strength and endurance during high-intensity workouts. L-glutamine is an essential amino acid that helps in muscle growth and minimizes muscle breakdown. Betaine also supports in muscle growth and burns fat along with detoxifying the body.

MB Mass Gainer Pro is fortified with 27 essential vitamins and minerals to take care of your micronutrient needs and enable sound body functions along with boosting immunity.

3:1 Carbs to Protein Ratio

MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer Pro has carbohydrates and protein in the ratio of 3:1 respectively. The carbohydrates that are delivered per serving are derived from the complex sources to offer a sustained release of fuel for muscle building for longer periods of time.

27 Vitamins & Minerals

MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer Pro is fortified with 27 essential vitamins and minerals that help boost your immune system. These vitamins and minerals also help fulfil your micro-nutrient needs and work together with other nutrients to maintain sound body functions.

Boosts Strength

MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer Pro is a unique formula which is enriched with creapure that is the purest form of creatine. Creatine is helpful in enhancing muscle mass and strength. It is useful in having lean muscle gains.

Boosts Performance

Mass Gainer Pro contains CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) that not only increases lean muscle mass but also works as a performance booster by boosting testosterone levels in humans. It might be beneficial in enhancing endurance. The perfect ratio of carbs to protein helps in maintaining a sustained calorie supply to fuel you with energy for workouts

Supports Recovery

Mass Gainer Pro helps in better recovery of muscles after a strenuous workout. It is perfect for individuals who are involved in intense workouts and are looking forward to building sturdy muscles and improve their recovery time. The blend of vitamins and minerals help in improving overall body functions and aid in relieving fatigue.

More Energy from Fats

You can easily attain your gaining goals with MB Mass Gainer Pro as the major source of energy that you get from this supplement are fats. The good fats help you to stay charged for burning more at workout and stay at par with your nutritional requirements as well.

Dimensions 26.4 × 19.78 × 19.6 cm



3 Kg

Weight (kg) 3.0
Price per kg 898.0
Number of Servings 40
Serving Size 75 g
Calories per Serving 282
Carb per Serving 48.75 g
Protein per Serving 15.75 g
Protein Carb Ratio 1/3.1
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian
Carb % per Serving 65.0
Additional Information
Weight 6.6 lb
Flavour Cafe Mocha
Country of Origin India
Packaging Jar
Brand Origin Indian
Form Powder
Goal Increases Stamina,Muscle Building
Other Traits
Weight Bucket 6.6
Flavor Base Others
Serving Bucket 20-40
Calorie Bucket 0-600
Special Traits
Lifestage Adult
Gender Men
Nutritional Info For Mass Gainers
Kcal 282
Protein 15.75 g
Carbs 48.75 g
Dietary Fiber 1.5 g
Glutamine 750 mg

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