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Whey Blend Protein

Protein Blend Supplement

Protein blends are supplements that comprise of protein from two or more sources(plant and anima), in several combinations such as whey, soy, casein, pea, egg protein etc in varying proportions.

Benefits of Protein Blend

Different proteins are rich in different essential and non- essential amino acids that possess individual benefits and individual pace of absorption in the body. Combining two or more such proteins lead to various amino acid combinations. This enhances the quality and functions of the resulting supplement (i.e. Protein blend).

Proteins are either derived from animal sources or plant sources. Research shows that amino acid profiles of animal-based proteins are higher than plant-based proteins. For example the content of two essential amino acids- Lysine and Methionine are almost double in whey protein than in soy or other plant proteins.

Similarly, whey protein is rich in Leucine, egg protein is rich in Phenylalanine and Cysteine, pea proteins are higher in Arginine, etc. The rate of digestion of whey protein is the fastest, whereas casein, soy etc are slow-digesting while Pea protein is an intermediate digesting protein.

When these proteins are combined, the resulting protein blend holds the properties of all the proteins involved in it which results in assorted amino acid profiles.