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BiotechUSA history started in 1993 when my father founded his first company, JLM Power Line. It was a small family business distributing gym equipment in Hungary, but after a while, he realized there are greater opportunities in sport-related food supplements. In the last 20 years from a small family business, BioTechUSA has become one of Europe’s largest producers and distributors of food supplements and functional foods. I am certain that working as a family is the main reason of our success.

Whey Choose Biotech USA Product?

BioTech USA Provide 100% imported ingredient in all product and all product are under FDA Production in the USA. BioTech USA provides Best in class Whey Protein, and isolate whey protein at the lowest price.

Which is the most Selling Product of BioTechUSA products online in India?

Most Selling Products of BioTech USA are Whey Protein, zero iso whey protein, and BCAA.

Where to buy BioTechUSA Whey Protein Online in India?

You can Buy BioTech USA whey protein online in India From FITKART at Lowest Price with 100% authentication and a Premium Product Guarantee because we are Certify Retailer of BioTech USA