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One Life Nutrition

One Life Nutrition Coming from an entrepreneurship background of managing our family business of pharmaceuticals, it was a natural process for me to diversify into nutraceutical. Through my years of managing Lasons, I had various opportunities to interact with health experts and companies that are world leaders in the health space. It gave me a lot of insights and knowledge about innovation and technology development in the space of health and nutraceutical.
I have personally experienced that evolving need for nutrition changes with changing lifestyles and life stages. I believe we all have only one life and we should strive our best to live it right. This has motivated me to use my entire experience to be your partner in your journey for good health.
We want to create products that cater to your every need with supreme quality ingredients that are a perfect blend of nature and science.

One Life Nutrition whey protein

Onelife is a flagship brand of Onelife Nutriscience Pvt Ltd backed by Wipro Consumer Care Ventures, one of the finest venture capital funds, focusing on nutrition & wellness products.
We all try to live it right in all the roles and capacities that life presents us with. To achieve all we strive for, it is extremely vital to remain in our best health. This is the sole reason for our existence. No two people are the same when it comes to their nutritional requirements, hence we believe that there should be multiple products and delivery formats to enable them in achieving good health.
We try to provide the best and truly required nutrition organically and naturally by blending nature & science in the best possible way. We believe making true claims is far more important than making big claims for your overall wellbeing