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Hydrolyzed protein

Hydrolyzed protein is a solution derived from the hydrolysis of a protein into its component amino acids and peptides. While many means of achieving this exist, the most common is prolonged heating with hydrochloric acid,[1] sometimes with an enzyme such as pancreatic protease to simulate the naturally occurring hydrolytic process.

Protein hydrolysis is a useful route to the isolation of individual amino acids. Examples include cystine from hydrolysis of hair, tryptophane from casein, histidine from red blood cells, and arginine from gelatin.

Common hydro lyzed products used in food are hydro lyzed vegetable protein and yeast extract, which are used as flavor enhancers because the hydrolysis of the protein produces free glutamic acid. Some hydro lyzed beef protein powders are used for specialized diets.

Protein hydrolysis can be used to modify the allergenic properties of infant formula. Reducing the size of cow milk proteins in the formula makes it more suitable for consumption by babies suffering from milk protein intolerance. The US FDA approved a label for this usage of partially-proteins in 2017, but a meta-analysis published the same year shows insufficient evidence for this use.

What is hydrolyzed protein?

The featured snippet from the web protein is a solution derived from the hydrolysis of a protein into its component amino acids and peptides.

Is hydrolyzed protein better than Whey Protein?

The advantage that hydrolyzed whey offers over conventional whey is that it allows for amino acids that are consumed from the protein within the body to be absorbed in a much higher rate when compared to standard and complete proteins.

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