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Insane Labz Supplement

Insane Labz Supplements are proudly manufactured in the USA by our sister company, Innovative Formulations, in an FDA-registered, cGMP Certified facility.

One look at our marketing, our labeling, our headquarters, and our team – and you’ll see that Insane Labz is a different kind of company. That’s what happens when your founder is a horror head who started a local gym and supplement store but was dissatisfied with the options available to his customers. He decided that it he could do better…and so, it was time to make supplements himself. Well, not at first.

At first, he created formulas that were manufactured by third-party co-packers. But, ever the perfectionist – he grew tired of the excuses for broken promises, missed deadlines and inferior results. In 2014, a new manufacturing facility was built in Harrison, Arkansas and we started making our own products – adhering to the strictest quality standards in an FDA registered, cGMP certified facility.

We control every part of the process: formulation, ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, testing and distribution. As a result, we make what we believe are the best products in the industry. If, once you’ve tried it, you don’t agree – we have an industry-leading 111% Asylum Guarantee and we promise to make it right. Browse our products, read our reviews and see for yourself what our products are all about! We know that when you do, you’ll join the Asylum Faithful – the over 70% of our customers who keep coming back!

Why choose Insane Labz Supplement online in India?

Insane Labz Supplements are an extremely powerful formula for every product like the psychotic pre-workout price is the most advance Pre-workout ever and every product is FDA Approved and Certify.

Which are the Best Supplements of Nutrition of Insane Labz Supplement?

psychotic pre workout and insane Whey Protein is the most selling product of Insane Labz Nutrition.

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You can buy Insane Labz Nutrition Supplement online in India From FITKART NUTRITION Because we brand authorized dealer of Insane labs