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ProSupps wasn’t built behind office desks or inside cubicles. Our “office” was the vinyl-torn flat bench, our conference room the chalk-dusted squat rack…and everything we built was battle-tested by us or it didn’t make the cut. If it didn’t change us, make us stronger, run faster, jump higher, push more….it didn’t make its way into the bottle, period. Change occurs when challenge meets opportunity and ProSupps meets you at the place where you seek more out of your training, more out of your performance, and more out of your life.

The desire to change can’t be bought, it isn’t inherited, and it doesn’t just happen.


At ProSupps , we strive to create performance products of superior quality, for those who take their training seriously and push their body to the limit. Why do we do this, because like you, we’re writing our own story….and when you do that, anything is possible!

We work together. We Win Together. We Stay Together. Army Strong. ProSupps Strong.


At the heart of ProSupps is a rebellious spirit that will forever push against the status quo and redefine what’s possible. Our sports expert product development team works on the cutting edge formulating the most advanced performance products available. We pride ourselves on staying close to the ones who are grinding it every day – at the gym, on the playing field, in the workplace – so that we can support the mind and body when the demand is highest. With hundreds of millions of Hyde servings sold worldwide over the last decade, ProSupps hyde pre workout

is qualified to lead the movement of intense energy and performance. Don’t be left behind.

How you do one thing, is How You Do Everything! HYDE.


We started ProSupps as a small group of guys chasing our dreams. Our purpose remains simple – unlock the greatness within each one of us. When you buy a ProSupps product, you become one of us. We proudly celebrate you, our customers, and those who display a unique brand of courage. An exceptional group of people who won’t let challenges stop them from achieving their goals.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, ProSupps will be there. Every rep of the way.

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