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IN2 Nutrition

IN2 was a labour of love started by our Founder, Shashi Thadani. A classic ectomorph and college basketball player, he was constantly on the lookout for high-quality nutrition to supplement his diet. As a young resourceful athlete looking for information on nutrition he sourced old international sports magazines to stay updated about new trends in sports supplements in search of what would help him in his nutrition journey. Inquisitive and looking for solutions he dove feet first into the Sports Nutrition Industry. At 19, he walked into the New York office of the Global leader in the industry and asked for official distribution rights for India. Thereafter, for over 20 years, he built one of the most well-known companies in the space- Unlimited Nutrition- distributing and marketing leading global brands in the Indian Market. However, despite his success, he still felt that he hadn’t quite found a brand that answered all the questions that had set him on this path all those years ago. With an unrelenting drive for the “perfect” product, he decided to use his years of experience in creating one from scratch. After 2 long years of RnD on products, he and his team of experts created proprietary formulations made with the highest quality ingredients sourced Globally.

Why choose IN2 Nutrition?

In2 Supplement is certified and Lab tested products provided all products are good in test and the results are unbelievable.

Which is the Best Nutrition Product of In2 Nutrition online in India at Lowest Price?

IN2 whey protein is the most selling and best nutrition supplement of in2 nutrition online in India at Lowest Price.

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you can buy In2 Nutrition Suppmenet products from FITKART NUTRITION online in India at Lowest Price Because we certify Retailers and Distributors of all brands.