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Whey Protein

Whey Protein Milk consists of approximately 20% whey (liquid part) and 80% casein protein (curdled component). The liquid part obtained undergoes several processes like ultra-microfiltration and spray drying to procure protein powder form.

Protein is an essential macronutrient that forms the component of our bones, muscles, brain, blood, enzymes, and hormones. Including protein in the diet is an excellent way to deliver a high-quality and nutrient-rich protein source to the body and boost overall well-being. 

Whey Protein: Benefits & Uses

Due to its excellent and complete amino acid profile, protein is a boon for bodybuilders, gym-goers, endurance athletes like cyclists, runners, and all fitness lovers. It assists in enhancing the protein content furthermore includes a good-quality protein source in their diet.

protein powder is readily available in supplements and can easily be included in the daily diet to reap the following health benefits.

protein is a complete source of protein as it has all nine essential amino acids. Out of all, Leucine amino acid is present in abundance in whey . Leucine, fondly called an anabolic amino acid, significantly promotes muscle growth. Therefore, protein is an ideal choice if your fitness goal includes building strong, lean muscles and gaining strength.

protein contains several components needed to form antibodies in our body. These antibodies fight against diseases, and infections and stimulate the growth of immune cells. Also, whey increases the production of Glutathione – a powerful antioxidant, in our body. As a result, it helps recover and fight oxidative stress and inflammation after a strenuous workout session.

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