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GXN Rapid Gainer Price


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This is a vegetarian product.

This product helps to increase  Muscle Repair.

Generally Consumed With  Water .

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GXN Rapid Gainer Price

GXN Rapid Gainer Price is the new and best mass gainer supplement product of Greenex Nutrition (GXN). It contains 23g protein, 4g creatine, 2g dietary fibers in each 100g serving. Everyone dreams of building up an attractive body having a proper shape and wants to build up muscles hence appearance matters a lot. Being underweight also invites various diseases because of a weak immune system so it has to be managed to sustain a healthy life. The use of weight gain supplements is, therefore, a necessity for lean people. These supplements can be highly beneficial for fast weight gain.

GXN Rapid Gain Mass Gainer is the best mass gainer as it is a calorie-dense supplement with an ample amount of carbohydrates, sufficient protein along with vitamins and minerals. Available in many sizes and flavor options. The focus remains on the carbohydrate content in mass gainers. Generally, the ratio of carbs versus protein is 3:1 as it’s consumed in the gaining phase. So if your goal is to grow big and gain weight, you need to consume extra calories and it’s the right choice when you want to pump up your muscles with extra calories for muscle growth.

It can be consumed either with water, milk or with any other beverage of your choice.

Rapid Gain: Best Mass Gainer Supplement 

Mass gainer supplements are required when someone is not able to meet his or her calorie requirement through diet and need extra support from supplements. People with conditions like Excessive high BMR. Some people are Ectomorph which means they have high BMR, skinny bodies, and they don’t gain weight easily. Due to high BMR, they always run short of energy in their body and need extra supplementation. The second reason, if your requirement is high as you want to gain weight for some sports competition or other purposes.

That is why the best mass gainer supplements like Rapid Gain are required. It helps you to increase your weight as well as your muscle mass. It has both carbs as well as protein in it. Rapid Gain mass gainer contains protein from four different sources, complex carbs, digestive enzymes, and minerals which helps in muscle recovery and helps in gaining mass. Minerals in a mass gainer relieve muscle fatigue post-workout by enhancing biochemical reactions in the body for energy. If you have a goal to gain significant muscle mass in a month than Rapid Gain is for you.

Benefits of using GXN Rapid Gain Mass Gainer:

► It increases the appetite and hence leads to rapid body weight gain.

► It enhances protein uptake and improves the body’s ability to absorb the given protein from the diet, which will help in gaining muscle mass.

► Rapid Gain has no side effects and is completely safe, making it a great choice for weight gain.

► Added Creatine boosts strength and endurance that leads to a strongly built athletic body.

So it is important to make a smart choice and choose a mass gainer which helps in developing a good body but not a fat belly. Rapid Gain is a very important weight gainer for men and solves many of their problems with great benefits.

People who can use:

This product can be used by anyone who desires an attractive body in proper shape and wants to build up muscles. Athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts use Rapid Gain for muscle recovery, big muscle growth, and general growth.


Although the risk is small, the possibility exists that it may have an allergic reaction to a food, according to Food Allergy, Research, and Education. Weight gainers supplements may have sources of soy or milk, which are two of the most common food allergens.

Direction: Mix one serving (75g Approx.) of Rapid Gain in 350-400 ml milk and consume one serving daily after your workout. Diabetic, pregnant & breastfeeding women should only use this product upon the advice of a qualified licensed physician & dietician.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Caffe Macchiato, Chocolate




6 lb

Per 100g Delivers 376 kcal Energy, 23g of Protein.

♦ 2g Dietary Fibers, 4g Creatine.

♦ Supports Muscle Mass Gain.

♦ Speed Up Muscle Growth.

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