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Hyde Xtreme Pre Workout

What Makes HYDE Pre Workout Powder Different?

We know that there’s no shortage of pre workout powders on the market these days. We also know that a lot of these supplements give you a bunch of caffeine and not much else.

Are you looking for a high-performing, effective pre workout powder that helps you earn great results? Read on to learn more about ProSupps HYDE products and what makes them the best on the market.

HYDE Pre Workout Powder

Our HYDE line features six awesome, high-quality pre workout powders:

HYDE Pre Workout

HYDE Pre Workout is our classic pre workout powder. For those who are looking for a good, clean energy boost with a modest amount of caffeine, HYDE Pre Workout is a perfect choice.

HYDE Pre Workout is designed to provide rapid yet sustained energy. It also increases muscle strength, power, and endurance so you can push yourself to the limit and make great progress.

This pre workout also contains TeaCrine and Nitrosigine for improved focus and increased vascularity.

HYDE Xtreme

On days when you need more of a boost and some extra oomph, HYDE Xtreme is here for you.

HYDE Xtreme contains almost twice as much caffeine as HYDE Pre Workout. It’ll definitely help you put your feet on the ground and take off running in the morning (or at any time of the day).

As a bonus, this pre workout powder also includes thermogenic (fat-burning) ingredients like Yohimbe. It can boost your metabolism so you burn more calories during every training session.